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Athletes Heal Faster

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Sean Light

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Sean Light is the foremost leader of Athletic Restoration in the world. He is the former Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Los Angeles Lakers, author of the best-selling book Athletes Heal Faster and founder of LIGHT. 

  • Trusted by the Pros: Former Performance Coach for Lakers, Yankees & Diamondbacks
  • Athlete: Competes in the World Series of Fitness Racing and Various Endurance Races Around the World
  • Health Strategist: Keynote Speaker & University Lecturer; A Leading Voice in Healthcare 
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Athletic Health

Athletes are the healthiest people in the world because they don't focus on "average" values. In every category, athletes strive to be in the top 1%. This level of effort produces bodies that operate as high-performance machines that rarely breakdown and when they do, healing happens in a hurry. Athletic Health is not easy but NOTHING is more effective.

  • Read: Learn More About Athletic Restoration 
  • Assessment: Identify Your Body's Weak Points
  • Eliminate Pain: Use Athletic Restoration to Wipe Out Pain
  • Be an Athlete: Train Yourself to Become Unstoppable

​Athletic Restoration


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